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TunedUp4WD-Jr Torque-Tuned 2 Motor #15484

130.00 ฿

**Tuning your car can make the world of difference in Mini 4WD Racing, and the motor is a great place to start. This motor is aimed at racers who re new to tuning their models, and can be used to alter your machines performance as the track requires. The motor feature highly efficient metal brushes. High-Torque motor with excellent acceleration. It hold speed well on both curve and slope section, with orange end bell**
Voltage: 2.4-3.0 (V)
Toque: 1.6-2.0 (mN.m)
RPM: 12,300-14,700 (r/min)
Current consumption : 1.7-2.0 (A) 
Compatible machines :
Mini 4WD Series, Dangun Racers (Pinion gears sold separately)