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95628-TunedUp4WD-Mini 4x4 upgrade parts set Classic Vol.3

360.00 ฿
[Ideal for the tune-up of the early Racer Mini 4WD] This is the third classic set that includes the popular Mini 4WD upgrade parts in one package. A classic tune-up, lightweight one-way wheels and rear skid rollers, and a limited edition Emperor Gold body are included. In particular, the Emperor Gold Body is a limited body part that was extremely popular and was only available at event venues and Harajuku Dragon Shops. Moreover, it comes with a specially designed transparent sticker. The package is the same size as the Racer Mini 4WD kit.

[Basic specifications] Lightweight one-way wheel (15055), rear skid roller (15082), and emperor gold body (limited product) are included.

-Lightweight one-way wheel: Absorbs the difference in rotation between the left and right tires to create smooth cornering.
-Rear skid roller: A part that combines a roller bar directly attached to the chassis and a rear skid that prevents the front from rising.
・ Emperor Gold Body (Limited Product): Sold at 1988 and 1989 events and 1990 Dragon Shop (Korokoro Comic Antenna Store). The sticker is a clear type with a good finish.

[First release month] In July 2007, it was released as 94605 "Mini 4WD Upgrade Parts Set Classic Vol.3".

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