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95148-TunedUp4WD-HG 19mm All Aluminum Bearing Roller J-CUP2021

300.00 ฿

[It is a part that is useful for improving the performance and setting of the machine] It  is a special specification in which the popular all-aluminum roller with a diameter of 19 mm is given a fearless black alumite and the characters of TAMIYA JAPAN CUP 2021 are blueprinted. It is also a point to demonstrate smooth rotation by embedding 520 ball bearings in the bearing part. I also set screws and spacers for mounting. Can be installed on various Mini 4WD including Mini 4WD PRO. * Do not use a cleaner, etc., as it will print.

[Basic specifications] Two aluminum bearing rollers with a diameter of 19 mm and mounting screws and spacers are also set.

[Available machines] Mini 4WD PRO and Mini 4WD vehicles (some bodies need to be processed)