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74564-Tamiya's Tools-Spray work airbrush stand III

940.00 ฿

[Convenient stand that is indispensable for improving the efficiency of airbrush painting ] An airbrush that is indispensable for a higher-grade painting finish. A dedicated stand that is indispensable when using multiple airbrushes. Made of durable metal, it securely holds two airbrushes. The hanger part has a non-slip sol coating finish, and the airbrush body holds firmly without rattling. Since the stand body is a type that is fixed to the edge of the desk with a clamp, it can be installed according to the work environment. In addition, the separately sold ITEM74565 "Air Regulator (with meter)" can be attached to the stand . Compatible with various Tamiya HG airbrushes and airbrushes from the airbrush light series.

[Basic specifications] Metal stands and clamps support up to 70 mm in thickness