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74559-Tamiya's Tools-Spray Work Air Compressor Advance

9,000.00 ฿

[Compressor with adjustable air output and smooth use with sensor type switch] Compressor with adjustable air pressure. The air output can be adjusted by turning the dial on the top of the main unit. It supports a wide range of airbrush painting, from glossy painting over a wide area to fine spraying such as delicate camouflage painting. The compact body is also easy to handle. In addition to the main switch, it is equipped with a sensor switch that automatically activates when the airbrush is removed from the hanger. Painting work goes smoothly. Comes with a transparent curl hose that makes it easy to see the water droplets inside. Various Tamiya airbrushes (sold separately) can be used. [Basic specifications] ● Power supply is household outlet AC100V (50Hz / 60Hz) ● Approximate dimensions 12.5 × 7 × 11.5cm (* Depth including hanger is 10cm) ● Maximum air pressure approx. 0.20MPa (30PSI) ● Continuous air pressure 0.08 MPa (12PSI) ● Air discharge rate 10L / min (no load) ● Power consumption 24W ● Operating volume 45db ● Weight approx. 0.6kg (* Excluding cord and accessories) ● Accessories AC adapter, curl hose