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74152-Tamiya's Tools-Ratchet Driver PRO (with Plus Bit L)

1,300.00 ฿

[Driver with ratchet mechanism, ideal for RC production] A driver handle with a ratchet mechanism with high work efficiency that allows you to tighten and loosen screws without changing the grip. It is also equipped with a switch that allows you to switch between forward rotation, fixed rotation, and reverse rotation with a single touch, and a grip for fast rotation for speedy rotation with your fingers. The included plus bit L is compatible with 3 to 5 mm plus screws. It is a strong chrome molybdenum vanadium steel with electroless nickel plating that is resistant to rust and has excellent accuracy. The high-precision bit by NC processing bites into the cross hole of the screw, and since there is little slippage and rattling, the hole is not easily damaged and more reliable tightening is realized. Magnetized type that makes it difficult to drop screws.

[Basic specifications] Ratchet handle and plus bit L are set