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95468-Mini4WD-Laser-Gill Super XX Special

430.00 ฿ 279.50 ฿

Laser the Competition!
This assembly kit creates a Super XX Special version of the Laser-Gill, a car which appeared in the Mini 4WD comic New Generation Racer Mini 4 Kids. The unique body design features eight slits in the cowling styled to resemble shark gills; it is molded in a shade called prism blue. Metallic stickers for decoration are also included. As the model name suggests, the chassis employed is the Super XX, molded in carbon fiber-reinforced nylon for superior toughness, and with metallic gray ABS nose guard and rear roller stay. Fluorescent green wheels are paired with large-diameter dark blue tires, and two 14mm rollers with rubber rings are included. Comes with 4:1 speed gears.

[Basic specifications]

 ● Overall length 153 mm, overall width 98 mm, overall height 42 mm ● With motor ● Adhesive-free inset type