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95410-Mini4WD-Synchro-Master Z9

380.00 ฿ 247.00 ฿

Get in Sync
This assembly kit creates the Mini 4WD car Synchro-Master Z9, the car driven by Leon Kazama in the Mini 4WD comic "Future Racer V-Twin." Its body features a timeless design with tapered nose and mini front wing, and pared back cowls at the rear showing off the pipework underneath. Comes with separate parts to recreate the synchro wing and the clear brain core. Blue and yellow color theme stickers jell perfectly with the red body.

VS Chassis
The VS chassis is a lightweight chassis featuring a short wheelbase, air ducts on the base to enable cooling of the motor, and hinged front and battery covers. Chassis and rear roller stays are durable black ABS resin, with matching black A parts (front cover, battery holder, etc.). Large diameter white dish type wheels are paired with 10mm (front) and 14mm (rear) slick tires, for super grip and minimal slip through corners. Comes with 4:1 gears.

[Basic specifications]

● Overall length 147 mm ● Overall width 90 mm ● Overall height 37 mm ● Assembly is an inset type that does not require adhesive.