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89797-Aircrafts-1/48 Reggiane Re2002

1,800.00 ฿

[Italian fighter-bomber that stands out] The Reggiane Re2000 fighter, which first flew in 1939 based on the specifications required by the Italian Air Force and was mainly for export. As an improved version, the Re2002 was adopted as a fighter-bomber by replacing the engine with an air-cooled type of 1,175 horsepower. Weapons include two 12.7 mm machine guns on the nose, two 7.7 mm machine guns in the main wing, and It was able to carry bombs up to 650 kg under the fuselage. When the Allied forces began landing on Sicily in July 1943, they struggled with interception missions. After the surrender of Italy, the German army also used Re2002 as a ground attack aircraft against Partizan. It was also deployed to the Italian Air Force on the Allied side.

[Model outline] A plastic model assembly kit for the Italian Air Force fighter-bomber Reggiane Re2002. ● 1/48 scale, total length 170 mm, total width 229 mm. A powerful style such as a compact body and narrowed cowling is faithfully modeled. The canopy can be opened and closed, and the flaps can be up or down. ● In addition to the tank expansion tank and 500 kg bomb, accessories such as aircraft drum cans and jericans are set. ● With a sitting posture pilot doll. ● Marking is Italy. A total of 6 types are available: 3 types of air force, 2 types of German air force, and aircraft belonging to the Italian Air Force, which fought on the Allied side after the surrender of Italy. Aircraft parts are made by Italeri)