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89792-Tanks-1/35 Italian Heavy Tank P40

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The Late Arrival
The P40 was the only Italian made heavy tank during WWII. It featured a bogey-style suspension, a riveted hull construction, and had sloped front and side armor which was a first for Italian tanks. A 420hp V8 liquid-cooled gasoline engine powered the P40 and came armed with a 34 caliber 75mm gun making it the most powerful Italian tank known. However, due to slow production, only 21 units were completed of which non saw action in Italian colors before the Armistice in September 1943. After the Armistice, German forces focused their attention on the P40's offensive abilities and pressed approximately 100 units into service where they saw action along the Adriatic coast in Northern Italy. Approximately 40 units were engineless and were used as static emplacements at defensive positions.

About the Model
This is a 1/35 scale plastic assembly kit model of the Italian made P40 heavy tank which was used by German forces in the latter half of WWII. ★Length: 165mm. The design of P40 has been richly reproduced. ★Assembly type tracks included. ★Photo-etched parts to depict exhaust covers, jerry can racks, and fender stays are included. ★Two kinds of markings to depict German P40s are included. Three German P40s. A coloring guide to depict three kinds of German P40s and Ansaldo's trial tank is included (Total four). ★A 40 page A5-size photo reference book (English) and its summary translations (Japanese) are included.
*Tank parts made by Italeri.