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87004-Tamiya's Tools-Screw stopper

140.00 ฿
[Double action airbrush that is ideal for beginners] This airbrush is recommended for beginners of full-scale airbrushes and for those who want to have multiple airbrushes. SX 0.5D is a car model with glossy paint and An airbrush with a nozzle diameter of 0.5 mm that can be used for painting large areas and spraying metallic paint and surfacers. A double action type that can control air and paint separately. The main body is made of highly accurate and durable metal. The paint cup is integrally molded for easy washing and has a large capacity of 15cc. The packing of the needle holding part uses fluororesin with excellent solvent resistance. Most paints such as Tamiya acrylic, enamel and lacquer paint can be used. ¡Used by connecting to each compressor and air can of the Tamiya Spray Work series. ● Please see the download of the manual for the detailed exploded view.