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70988-Exclusive-Deluxe Teenager's Room

1,800.00 ฿ 1,080.00 ฿
With bed in house shape, desk, saxophone and many cool accessories.
It's just great to have your own room. The deluxe teenager's room offers everything a teenager's heart desires. Especially the house-shaped bed with its cosy pillows invites to snuggle up and dream. Read and study at the new desk. Once the homework is done, it's time to listen to music or chat with your best friend. You can only feel good in this room. The set contains a girl figure, a desk with chair, stereo, house bed, globe, flute, pens, shelves and many other lovely extras. With the included cardboard wallpaper walls, the room wall can be embellished. Use the QR code in the assembly instruction to get more wallpaper templates to design, print and decorate.