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70220-Novelmore-Grand Castle of Novelmore

12,000.00 ฿
with a sophisticated castle gate, integrated catapult, ballista, elevator and stone throw. A trap door surprisingly transports invaders into the dungeon. The castle can be conquered by breaking through the wall. The castle is open on the back and can be played with. With 4 figures. Dimensions: 79.0 x 57.0 x 44.0 cm (L x D x H)Can be combined with:9839 Wall extension with catapult for the Great Castle of Novelmore
9840 Tower extension with stone shedding for the Great Castle of Novelmore
This playset is also available in a bundle at a bargain price.
Combine cleverly and save!
PM2101A Bundle Novelmore
PM2017C Bundle Novelmore + Catapult
After decades of peace, harmony and stillness in the kingdom of Noveldor, the ancient conflict between the heroic Knights of Novelmore and the rebellious Burnham Raiders begins to reignite. Both sides are trying to get their hands on the magical armor Invincibus, which makes its wearer invincible. The great castle of Novelmore is home to King John and his clever, enterprising son Prince Arwynn, who is fed up with his father's strict rules and prefers adventures. Thanks to Arwynn's quest for change and the help of his friends Gwenn and Dario, the Knights of Novelmore are able to face the many challenges of the new age. They are protected against attacks by the Burnham Raiders by the mighty castle walls and can defend themselves with stones and the ballista with the water arrows. The Burnham Raiders try to get in, but the Knights of Novelmore quickly close the castle gate and the threat is averted for the time being. After a short time some intruders break through the wall and get into the castle. Who will win the fight? The new knight's game world from PLAYMOBIL® surprises with creative weapons, sophisticated defense systems and original characters. The PLAYMOBIL® classic in an ingenious new design guarantees hours of fun. The grand castle of Novelmore features a mechanical castle gate with integrated catapult, ballista, elevator and stone launcher. A trapdoor transports intruders directly into the dungeon. The set contains the four Novelmore characters King John, Prince Arwynn, Dario Da Vanci and Lord Francis Forthwind, a horse, a wolf and numerous other knight accessories.