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70963-Circus-The Circus House

4,000.00 ฿
PLAYMOBIL circus tent with ring, flying trapeze, artists and spectators.
Raise the curtain on the stars in the ring! Come on in to the fabulous Playmo Circus. The artists are already looking forward to the show and have been training hard. But before the circus show begins, it's time to take a seat and look around. It's simply magical how the big colourful circus tent arches over the ring and everything sparkles, shines and glows. The circus world is so exciting! Now the show starts: the two artists climb up the ladder to the small platform and then swing themselves onto the flying trapeze. With incredible ease they perform the most difficult tricks and seemingly glide effortlessly through the air. The spectators take their breath away. This will be a great experience. The toy set contains four PLAYMOBIL figures and one child figure, a circus tent with flying trapeze and seats, an entrance gate, fence enclosures, a cash register and many other extras. A lovingly designed toy circus for endless fun in the children's room for imaginative girls and boys.