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60304-Aircrafts-1/32 McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle

4,100.00 ฿
[Realize the world's strongest ability with a big scale model]
It is a plastic model assembly kit of the US Air Force F-15C Eagle, which was developed with an emphasis on air combat capability and is said to be the world's strongest fighter. A powerful big scale model of Eagle's fearless style. Screws are used to assemble the main parts such as the main wings and fuselage, and the pedestals are also die-cast for reliable assembly and sufficient strength. The radome, nose, and access hatch of the Vulcan cannon can be opened and closed, and the internal radar and electronic equipment are finished with a sense of precision. The air intake and horizontal stabilizer are also movable, and the canopy and air brake can be installed by choosing to open and close. Includes abundant weapon parts, 2 crew dolls, and 3 types of decals.
Overall length 605 mm, overall width 408 mm when completed