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35351-Tanks-1/35 American 155mm self-propelled gun M40 big shot

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[Equipped with a huge caliber cannon with tremendous power] The final development of the self-propelled artillery developed by the US military during World War II is the M40. An open-top body developed by diverting various components of the M4 Sherman. Also equipped with a new 155mm cannon, nicknamed Long Tom. By making the towed gun self-propelled, the time required to change positions was greatly reduced. The gun was operated by eight crew members. However, the firing speed is 1 shot per minute. The maximum range using a grenade reached 23.5 km. Also, in order to ensure stability during shooting, a caliber (spade) is equipped at the rear of the vehicle body. A 460 horsepower air-cooled star engine is mounted in the center of the car body, demonstrating mobility with a maximum speed of 38 km / h. Production started in February 1945 at the end of World War II, and it was officially adopted in May of the same year. However, due to the end of the war, production ended with 418 vehicles. In the Korean War that broke out in 1950 after the prototype vehicle was put on the European front in a practical test, an indirect shooting mission to the enemy's camp from a long distance Demonstrated tremendous power.

[Model outline] A plastic model assembly kit for the US military M40 self-propelled gun. ● 1/35 scale, total length 305 mm, total width 91 mm. ● Based on detailed actual vehicle coverage, a flat body and a huge 155 mm cannon cannon ● The vertical movement of the main gun is controlled in the same way as the actual vehicle with a balance machine that uses a plastic cap. It is also possible to turn left and right. ● Cupola's inspection hole and light lens are reproduced with transparent parts. ● T80 type cuffs adopt a realistic and easy belt type. ● Engine grille has a sharp finish with etched parts. ● Rack for carrying cannonballs and cannonballs, tubular shape Includes accessory parts such as the charge storage case. ● Eight occupant dolls preparing for shooting and two types of decals during the Korean War.