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35329-Tanks-1/35 Ground Self-Defense Force Type 10 tank

1,800.00 ฿

[The state-of-the-art domestic tank has already appeared!] The state-of-the-art tank of the Ground Self-Defense Force, which was officially adopted in 2010 by making full use of the latest technology, is the 10 type (Hitomaru Shiki) tank. Equipped with a gun. While increasing the attack power, module armor is placed on the turret etc. to improve defense power and operability. In addition, a C4I network system is introduced to enable battles in which each unit cooperates. Achieves excellent mobility by reducing the size and weight of the vehicle body by adopting a compact power pack. It has become possible to deploy to units nationwide and to quickly transport trailers. Unit deployment started in 2012. Units around Fuji Operation and crew training will be promoted mainly, and it is scheduled to be deployed in sequence with the Type 74 tank.

[Model outline] Plastic model assembly kit for Type 10 tank. ● 1/35 scale, total length 273 mm, total width 95 mm. ● Thorough coverage of the actual vehicle with the full cooperation of the Self-Defense Forces, with a new 120 mm gun and inclined armor Realistic model of slim body. ● Modern style turret is faithfully reproduced with modular armor. ● Details of each part of the body and non-slip pattern are delicately finished. ● Rubber of side skirt is also textured. Richly reproduced. ● The belt is made into parts with a realistic and easy belt type. ● Commander and Gunner dolls in a fearless pose, 3 types of decals such as the Fuji School Armor Department are included.