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35327-Tanks-1/35 Soviet tank BT-7 1937

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[Evolved fast tank] In the latter half of the 1930s, it was the core of the early Soviet tank corps, combining a 45mm gun with high mobility and top class power at that time, and advanced slanted armor at the front of the body. Rapid tank BT-7. An improved version with enhanced defense is the BT-7 1937 model. Instead of the conventional turret with a vertical outer circumference, it is equipped with a new turret that takes into account the beginning of the sloped armor. The design evolved into the later masterpiece tank T34. It first appeared on the battlefield in the 1939 Nomonhan incident, and when the German-Soviet war broke out, it fought hard against the powerful German army.

[Model outline] BT-7 1937 model 1/35 scale, plastic model assembly kit. ● Overall length 161 mm, overall width 65 mm. The slanted armor adopted for the turret and the front part of the car body, large diameter road wheels, etc. The figure is modeled with a rich sense of reality. ● The side of the car body expresses a double-walled structure like the actual car. ● The complex suspension has a three-dimensional finish while reducing the number of parts. ● The sprocket wheels and cuffs are reproduced in the latter model. -The cuffs are a connection assembly type that promotes the integration of the straight part.-Etched parts and a metal towing chain are set.-With 2 soldier dolls. 3 types of markings such as the Eastern Front and the German army capture vehicle You can choose.