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35324-Tanks-1/35 Iraqi Tank T-55 "Enigma"

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Up-Armored War Horse
During the 1991 Gulf War, the Iraqi army fielded an upgraded variant of the T-55 tank. This unique variant was distinguished by additional armor blocks attached to the turret and hull to enhance protection. These tanks were deployed to regular Iraqi armor units and it is said that they were used as command tanks. Since they lacked an official designation, Coalition forces gave them the name "Enigma" and several examples were captured during the course of the conflict.

About the Model
★Length: 259mm, Width: 109mm ★The imposing form of the tank, including its additional armor suite, has been accurately reproduced. ★Frames for turret armor blocks are molded separately for greater detail. ★Hull armor blocks are molded with their frames to enhance ease of assembly. ★Belt-type tracks included. ★1 commander figure included.