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35257-Tanks-1/35 Soviet tank T-55A

1,400.00 ฿

[The starting point of the tank development competition during the Cold War] Production began in 1958, when the East and West camps were deepening the conflict, and about 100,000 tanks were produced, including the base T-54 and derivative models. The Soviet T-55 tank was the starting point for the fierce competition for tank development between the US and the Soviet Union. A compact body with excellent productivity and sloped armor, and a powerful 100mm gun mounted on a hemispherical turret. And in the early 1960s, production of the T-55A with enhanced radiation capacity began. These T-55s and T-55A were also licensed in the Czech Republic and Poland, and as a result of repeated updates, many The T-55 continued to be produced until the end of the 1970s, deployed in more than 40 countries including the eastern and Arab countries, and appeared in conflicts around the world such as the Middle East War and the Gulf War.


[Model outline] ● 1/35 scale of T-55A, plastic model assembly kit. ● Overall length 259mm, simple and low-height model with a high sense of fear. ● Basic with enhanced radiation capability In addition to the T-55A, you can also select the T-55 and T-55A equipped with the DShK-M anti-aircraft gun. In addition, Czech and Polish production types can be made separately. Finished with a sense of density in every detail such as the ring. ● Includes 1 commander doll and 5 types of decals.