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35255-Tanks-1/35 Anti-tank self-propelled gun Marder III M (7.5 cm Pak40 mounted type)

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About the Marder III M
During WWII, the German Army produced and operated the Marder III series on the Czech-built obsolete 38(t) tank chassis, to combat the Soviet T-34 tanks. The first version of the Marder was armed with an improved Soviet 7.62cm Pak36 anti-tank cannon, which was replaced with a German 7.5cm Pak40 gun on the H version; the last version, the Marder III M was put into production in May 1943. The M featured a new layout with rear cabin and midship engine, and a 7.5cm Pak40/3 was also employed. 942 Ms were produced until the thoroughbred tank destroyer Hetzer assumed much of the Marder's role.

About the Model

★Tamiya presents a 1/35 scale model of the German Tank Destroyer Marder III M. ★Total length: 149.5mm ★The particular form of the Marder with its combat compartment placed to the rear has been recreated in superb detail. ★The 7.5cm Pak40/3 main gun, ammunition rack and radio equipment have been accurately reproduced. ★Characteristic sprockets and idlers have been replicated. ★Muffler cover comes as a photo-etched part. ★One figure and decals for 5 different markings for armor from various battlefronts are included.