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35246-Tanks-1/35 18 ton heavy half-track tank transporter

4,500.00 ฿
[Another battle, tank towing mission]
During World War II, the German army's 18-ton heavy half-track and its rear part played a major role in the mission of recovering incapacitated tanks from the front line and re-strengthening them. It is a plastic model assembly kit of the tank transport trailer 116 type to be connected. The 18-ton heavy half-track is a highly realistic model of a heavy style. Complex suspensions such as articulated caterpillars are also finished with a three-dimensional effect. The trailer accurately reproduces the mechanical structure such as the front and rear bogies and platform. All tires are made of hollow rubber and all trailer wheels and half-track front wheels can be steered. Metal parts are also used to add strength to the sense of precision, and 12 dolls of crew and tank soldiers are also set.
Overall length 640 mm, overall width 86 mm when completed