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32563-Tanks-1/48 American multipurpose wheeled vehicle "Cargo Carrier"

1,100.00 ฿

[Securing a transportation route] A multi-purpose wheeled vehicle of the US Army that started to deploy troops in 1985. Various variations have been developed depending on the combination of body and on-board equipment, but the most produced among them It is a cargo carrier whose main task is to transport troops and supplies. It has a large loading platform at the rear of the vehicle body and can carry up to about 1100 kg of supplies or eight fully equipped soldiers. Deployed to troops deployed in the region, it continues to run on transport missions, taking advantage of its excellent durability and running performance, and supports the operational actions of the US military.

[Model outline] A plastic model assembly kit for a versatile wheeled vehicle cargo carrier. ● A simple style with a total length of 99 mm and a loading platform at the rear of the vehicle body is condensed into a 1/48 size and modeled. ● Canvas cover for the loading platform Realistically expresses the texture of the cloth. You can also choose the rolled-up state on the back of the cover. ● The canvas door of the driver's seat is a separate part and the window of soft material is reproduced with rich texture. ● The suspension is a rational part composition The finish is full of three-dimensionality. ● The tire is made of rubber with a realistic tread pattern. ● One driver's doll and three types of decals centered on the Gulf War are included.