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32556-Tanks-1/48 American M20 High Speed Armored Car

770.00 ฿

[Rapid Front Command] M8 Greyhound, a light armored vehicle of the U.S. Army during World War II. A versatile high-speed armored vehicle formulated in 1943 as a derivative of it is the M20. Equipped with a military seat and command table inside the structured body, and an M2 heavy machine gun on the upper ring mount. It is mainly deployed in the tank destroyer unit, and it takes advantage of the high speed performance of 88.5 km / h for command and transportation. , Showed great work in reconnaissance, etc.

[Model outline] 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit. ● Modeling of an open-top type body with a total length of 104 mm and a low vehicle height with a high sense of reality. ● 6 wheels The drive suspension is also reproduced with a small number of parts for a rich three-dimensional effect. ● The die-cast chassis creates a feeling of weight of the armored car. ● The ring mount for the machine gun and the M2 heavy machine gun are also sharply finished. ● Two occupant dolls, marking With 2 types.