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24304-Cars-1/24 Fairlady Z Version NISMO

1,250.00 ฿

[Form polished by racing speed] In January 2007, among the Fairlady Z equipped with a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that exerts 313 horsepower after the second minor change, the version was added as the top model of running. NISMO. NISMO, which is in charge of Nissan's racing division, feeds back the aerodynamic technology cultivated in races such as Super GT. The long nose, front lip spoiler, rear wing, diffuser, etc. have been finished in a form that demonstrates down force. In order to bring out the performance of high-grip tires, the welding area has been increased, and the body rigidity has been increased with reinforcing bars and reinforcing panels. The suspension has also been specially tuned.

[Model outline] ● 1/24 scale plastic model assembly kit. Overall length 185 mm, overall width 82 mm, overall height 55 mm. ● Long nose lip spoiler integrated front bumper, large rear wing, diffuser shaped rear bumper, etc. Version NISMO ● The front and rear light reflectors are glossy plated parts. ● The 5-spoke wheels of the matte plated parts are designed exclusively for version NISMO. ● The mesh for the rear bumper opening is set. ● Side mirror surface and emblem Prepare an inlet mark.