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18091-Mini4WD-1/32 Mach Bullet (VS chassis)

480.00 ฿ 312.00 ฿

[Attractive vintage racing car form with a retro feel] A plastic model assembly kit for a four-wheel drive racer with high-performance driving and fun racing. The Mach Bullet is a machine with the motif of a vintage racing car that was active in the late 1920s. The long bonnet, which makes you feel the presence of a high-performance engine, is engraved with a hinge in the center and slits for heat dissipation placed on the sides. We adopted bright light blue with high-strength ABS resin. In addition, stickers are provided on the front grille and mufflers laid out on both sides to emphasize the metallic feel. The headlight is a separate part and has a sufficient three-dimensional effect. In addition, it comes with a pre-assembled and painted screwdriver that enhances the feeling. The appearance of wearing a leather helmet and goggles is full of retro feeling. In addition to the standard light blue, the sticker has two types of metallic tones that are compatible with the bright red color.

[Uses a lightweight and simple VS chassis] The chassis uses a highly reliable VS. The short wheelbase (80mm), lightweight and simple structure are popular with many racers. A parts such as the chassis body, rear roller stay, 16mm roller, gear cover, etc. are unified in black color. It complements the light blue body. Barrel tires were mounted on the gold large diameter narrow lightweight wheels, and 5: 1 gears were set. In addition, the unique body can be attached to the Super II or AR chassis, so it will be fun to put it on your chassis.

[Basic specifications] ● Overall length 145 mm ● Overall width 92 mm ● Overall height 54 mm ● With motor ● Adhesive-free inset type for assembly  

[Items to be purchased separately] ● 2 AA batteries