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18076-Mini4WD-Top Force Evolution RS (VS Chassis)

430.00 ฿

[Racing form insists on speed] Shaft-driven four-wheel drive plastic model assembly kit for high-performance racers. Top Force Evolution RS is the RS (racing style) version of the popular Top Force Evolution. Wedge. The form equipped with a large rear wing on the shaped body has plenty of racing mood. The orange and yellow graphics that tighten the gun metal color body are reproduced with a special metallic type sticker that inherited the original design. Active in the current race and that it was a combination of VS chassis.

[VS chassis] VS chassis short wheel base of the features. open the air duct to the chassis bottom surface enhances the cooling effect of the motor in a compact, lightweight, front cover and the battery holder is opened and closed by a hinge The Top Force Evolution RS has a metallic gray color throughout the chassis to enhance the mood. Also, the front is equipped with a blue-colored 16mm plastic roller. The large-diameter 6-spoke wheels with matt silver plating are equipped with racing slick tires. Installed. With 4.2: 1 speed gear.

[Basic specifications]

● Overall length 145 mm ● Overall width 92 mm ● With motor ● Assembly type that does not require adhesive [ Items to be purchased