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15391-TunedUp4WD-Large Dia. Stabilizer Head Set (11mm, 15mm)

230.00 ฿ 149.50 ฿

Stabilizer heads are a great way of reducing roll and boosting stability through corners when installed onto a Mini 4WD race car. Put these on your Mini 4WD racing machine for improved overall performance on the race track.

• 11mm Stabilizer Heads (White) x2
• 15mm Stabilizer Heads (White) x2
• Stabilizer Balls (White) x2
• Nuts, washers, small parts for attachment included.
• Use different sizes to adapt your car to the race course.
• Stabilizer head parts are made of low-friction POM.

Compatible Cars:
Mini 4WD and Mini 4WD PRO cars using rollers between 13mm and 19mm.