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14121-Motocycles-1/12 Honda NSR500 '84

1,800.00 ฿

[Historical machine that challenged a new era. Completely reproduce the first NSR500!] In 1983, Honda won the title of the road racing world championship since 1967 with the 2-stroke V-type 3-cylinder NS500, but 3-cylinder Then, it was already clear that there was a lack of power. Then, in 1984, the following year, a new machine equipped with a 1-axis crank V-type 4-cylinder engine was introduced. The V4 engine was added to the aluminum frame that later developed into a twin spar frame. Adopted an ambitious structure with an upside down layout with a chamber above the engine and a fuel tank below. Embodying Honda's challenge spirit, road racing for the next 19 years The first machine of the "Honda NSR500" that will dominate is finally appearing in the 1/12 motorcycle series.

[Model outline] ● Overall length 166 mm, overall width 52 mm. Reproduces the previous model that won the championship in the riding of Freddie Spencer. ● The original body composition with the chamber above the engine and the fuel tank below is the same as the actual car Reproduced. ● The four chambers can be securely attached with screws as a set of two. ● The 1-axis crank V-type 4-cylinder engine is also precisely finished. ● The aluminum frame and fuel tank with complicated shapes are also realistically modeled. The fuel tank is removable. ● The wiring of the accelerator, clutch, etc., including the unique fuel system piping, is represented by vinyl pipes. ● The cow ring, chamber cover, and seat cowl are attached with tiny screws. ● The rear suspension is made of metal. Uses a spring. ● With a racing stand. ● Slight mark and masking seal for separate painting are also set.

Picture#3 : A well-balanced form that doesn't seem to have adopted an innovative layout

Picture#4 : The upper cowl, seat cowl, and under cowl can be removed even after completion.

Picture#5 : You can carefully observe the original layout with the exhaust chamber above the engine and the fuel tank below.

Picture#6 : The seat cowl containing four silencers has a sharp finish

Picture#7 : The four exhaust chambers originally housed in the position where the fuel tank is located are powerful

Picture#8 : Precise reproduction of Honda's first 2-stroke 1-axis crank V4 engine

Picture#9 : A fuel tank with a complicated shape that avoids the engine. Detachable even after completion by screwing.

Picture#10 : In addition to the slide mark, a masking line sticker for painting is also set

Picture#11 : In addition to the actual vehicle commentary and color illustrations for painting, a pamphlet laying out color photographs of the actual vehicle is included.