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95145-TunedUp4WD-HG Carbon Multi Wide Rear Stay (1.5mm) J-CUP2021

320.00 ฿

[Parts that are useful for improving machine performance and setting] A light and strong 1.5 mm thick carbon rear stay that can set 9 mm, 13 mm, and 19 mm rollers widely. Based on the shape of the multi-wide rear stay, which is popular in racing, the outline has been changed and mounting holes have been added. In addition to the lacy finish unique to carbon, the roller size, Tamiya mark, and J-CUP logo printed in blue color are also eye-catching parts. Can be used for MS, MA, VZ, FM-A, AR, VS, Super II / X / XX / TZ-X chassis vehicles. * Please use with the optional roller. * Do not use a cleaner, etc., as it will print.

[Basic specifications] Made of 1.5mm thick carbon. A set of mounting screws and washers. 

[Available chassis] MA, MS, VZ, FM-A, AR, VS, Super II / Super X / Super XX / Super TZ-X (Some chassis or body needs processing)