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74565-Tamiya's Tools-Air regulator (with meter)

2,200.00 ฿
[Not only adjusting the air pressure but also removing moisture and dust] It is a regulator that can not only adjust the air pressure from the compressor but also remove the moisture and dust in the air. Used by connecting to a compressor without a regulator. By turning the adjustment dial on the top of the main body, the air pressure can be adjusted steplessly from zero to maximum, so it can be used for a wide range of purposes, from glossy coating that requires pressure to delicate camouflage coating that reduces pressure. With a meter that shows the air pressure at a glance. The air hose connection screw is S size. Since it is a general standard for model airbrushes, most hoses can be attached. In addition, the main body can be attached to the separately sold ITEM74564 "Spraywork Airbrush Stand III" .

[Basic specifications] Withstand pressure 0.4Mpa, air hose connection screw is S size (PF1 / 8). With meter that can check pressure