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74553-Tamiya's Tools-Spray Work Power Air-Compressor

13,500.00 ฿

[Stable high pressure realizes a variety of spray painting. Uses a power switch with excellent workability] A compressor that is indispensable for supplying air for spray painting with an airbrush. Big scale with a maximum painting area of ​​0.4 MPa Demonstrates sufficient power for airbrush painting from models to glossy painting of car model bodies. Pressure can be adjusted freely with an air regulator with a meter. Air pressure has been reduced, such as fine camouflage painting for military models. It also supports fine spraying. It also features excellent workability due to the adoption of a power switch with an integrated hanger. Various airbrushes made by Tamiya (sold separately) can be used to realize various spraying according to various model production. you.

● domestic power supply (AC100V, 50 / 60Hz) dedicated ● body size W24cm × D14,5cm × H20cm ● maximum air pressure of about 0.4MPa (60PSI) ● continuous air pressure about 0.24 / 0.28MPa (50 / 60Hz) ● air Discharge rate 9 / 12L / min (50 / 60Hz, 0.2MPa) ● Rated voltage AC100V (50 / 60Hz) ● Power consumption 90W ● Operating volume 48db ● Weight approx. 4.6kg ● Accessories Air regulator, airbrush stand with switch function, Fixing clamp, hose.