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74545-Tamiya's Tools-Spray Work HG Airbrush III (Super Fine)

6,000.00 ฿
[Adopts a 0.2 mm diameter nozzle for delicate spray painting] A nozzle diameter 0.2 mm type that emphasizes the fine spray performance of the standard double-action model "Spraywork HG Airbrush III". Button shape that fits your fingertips It can be finely controlled with. It can also spray thin lines with a width of 0.5 mm or less, and is ideal for delicate painting such as camouflage of 1/72 scale airplane model and 1/48 tank model. Paint cup has a capacity of 7 cc and is sold separately. A paint cup can also be attached. The main body has a highly accurate metal chrome plating finish. Fluororesin packing is used for the needle holding part. Smooth movement prevents paint from seeping out. HG Compressor Revo II, Compact Compressor , Used by connecting to a basic compressor.
★ Air brush, paint cup (7cc), cap, air joint, plate wrench