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74537-Tamiya's Tools-Spray work HG airbrush (cup integrated type)

5,600.00 ฿
[Easy-care cup-integrated airbrush] A double-action type high-performance airbrush that can be connected to each compressor and air can of the Tamiya Spray Work series. The paint cup-integrated type makes it easy to wash and remains in the back. The paint particles can be removed cleanly. The cup also has a groove to prevent the paint from dripping. The main lever has an R shape that is easy to operate. In addition to painting, full-scale painting and gloss painting can be beautifully finished. Most paints that can be diluted, such as Tamiya's acrylic paint, enamel paint, and lacquer paint, can be used.
★ Airbrush with integrated paint cup, nozzle diameter 0.3 mm, paint cup capacity (7cc), cap, air joint, plate wrench