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74534-Tamiya's Tools-Spray Work Painting Booth II (Twin Fan)

12,000.00 ฿

[Best partner for spray painting ] A painting booth that strongly supports spray painting indoors. The point of the spray work painting booth II (twin fan) is the special structure of the front panel. A slit-shaped intake port on the outer periphery of the panel The paint mist that has come off the center is also sucked without blowing back. The paint mist in the center is sucked into the air intake after passing through the filter three times, so the suction power drops sharply due to clogging of the filter. It has a structure that is hard to wake up. Moreover, it is equipped with two quiet sirocco fans. Achieves a sufficient amount of exhaust air. Not only for delicate spray painting such as camouflage, but also for 1/35 MM and 1/24 car model can spray. It also supports painting.

[Main specifications] ● Dedicated to household power supply AC100V (50 / 60Hz), power consumption 48W (24W x 2 units). ● With 4 connected exhaust hoses with a length of 50cm. ● Folding Type apron hood with handle. ● Size: 40 × 30 × 33 cm (when stored), 40 × 30 × 53 cm (when deployed). ● Replacement filter (* 1) sold separately is also available. * 1 Painting booth II replacement filter