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74523-Tamiya's Tools-Spray work HG airbrush wide (trigger type)

6,000.00 ฿

[Ideal for glossy painting and painting of large areas] A high-performance airbrush for thick blowing developed for each compressor and air can of the Tamiya Spray Work series. The diameter of the nozzle is 0.5 mm. Tamiya acrylic paint and Most dilutable paints such as enamel paint and lacquer paint can be used, and it is especially suitable for glossy paint of car models, painting of large areas, and spraying of metallic paint and surfacer. The main body is highly accurate. Made of durable metal. Fluororesin packing material is used for the needle holding part, so the movement is smooth and there is almost no backflow of paint to the trigger part. Trigger type that makes it difficult for fingers to get caught even during long hours of work. Moreover, we adopted a resin grip that is easy to grip. With a large paint cup with a capacity of 15cc.