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74155-Tamiya's Tools-Precision tweezers (key claw type)

850.00 ฿

[Reliable hold of small parts with a special tip shape] Precision tweezers with excellent holdability of small parts by precision processing of claws and flutes at the tip. It is also possible to grab small granular parts such as RC car 3mm differential balls, as well as small shafts such as hexagonal hub detent 2x10mm shafts. Not only for assembling RC models, but also for attaching small parts of scale models. Assembling work goes smoothly.

 [Basic specifications] Made of SUS410 stainless steel.

 [Precautions for use] ● Be careful not to get injured because the tip is sharp. ● Do not use for jewelry or valuables. ● Do not use on parts that have been finished painted. ● Grip the parts gently and lightly. If you grab it with a strong force, the parts may be scratched. ● Do not use for crushing or scraping parts. Also, do not apply excessive force such as bending or twisting. The tweezers and parts may be damaged. ● Do not use in circuits where electricity is flowing. There is a risk of electric shock. ● This product is not non-magnetic, so it may become magnetic. Keep away from magnetically sensitive devices and recording media. ● After use, close the tip with the attached ring and keep it out of the reach of small children.