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74151-Tamiya's Tools-Mini 4WD Curved Scissors (for Polycarbonate Body)

820.00 ฿

[Effective in cutting the Polycarbonate body of Mini 4WD ] Scissors that are convenient for cutting the curved part of the Mini 4WD body made of polycarbonate. The small curved blade that is easy to delicately control is made of sharp stainless steel for blades. It also supports intricate parts and tight curves. Also, since it can be opened and closed by pinching it with your fingertips, it is also a point that your hands do not easily hit the body. With protective cap.

[Basic specifications] SUS420J1 Stainless steel, overall length approx. 115mm, blade length approx. 12mm

⇒Watch scissors demonstration video Tamiya (@tamiyainc) | Twitter