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74147-Tamiya's Tools-Streak carved carbide blade 0.4mm

820.00 ฿

[Blade for streak carving that is indispensable for improving detail] This is a special blade for streak carving of plastic models. Precise polishing is applied to the specially shaped cutting edge to achieve both sharpness and durability. You can make new streaks or re-engrave high quality concave lines. Also, with a case that can store up to 10 blades. In the package mount, color identification of the blade back (  If you put) and cut the thickness display portions that are color-coded in the same way in the case, is convenient to manage the blades of each size. It is recommended to attach it to the separately sold streak carving blade holder.
* Blade thickness identification color:  Blue = 0.1mm (74135)  Peach = 0.15mm (74145)  Green = 0.2mm (74136)  Orange = 0.25mm (74162)  Yellow = 0.3mm (74137)  Red = 0.4mm (74147)  White = 0.5mm (74138)

[Basic specifications] Made of cemented carbide (ultrafine grain alloy). Blade thickness 0.4 mm, shaft diameter 2 mm. With storage case.