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74124-Tamiya's Tools-Craft scissors (for plastic / soft metal)

840.00 ฿

[Cuts soft metals such as plastic vans, rubber, and aluminum with sharp sharpness] Various hobby crafts, including plastic vans that are often used in model work, polycarbonate bodies for RC cars, and soft metals such as aluminum and brass, as well as paper, leather, and rubber. You can cut various materials used in. The cutting edge, which is specially processed from high-quality stainless steel for cutting tools, demonstrates sharpness. Adopting a large grip and rivet that are easy to hold, you can perform powerful cutting work with confidence.
<Example of cuttable material (approximate maximum thickness)> White plastic van (1.2 mm), transparent plastic van (0.5 mm), polycarbonate (1 mm), other plastic (1 mm), aluminum plate (0.5 mm), copper plate (0.3 mm) ), Brass plate (0.3mm), Western white plate (0.3mm), Leather (2mm), Paper (2mm), Cardboard (5mm), Rubber (5mm)

[Basic specifications] Length 170mm, Width 75mm, Blade length 40mm. The grip is navy color.