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74110-Tamiya's Tools-Stand loupe PRO (with 1.8x multi-coated lens)

8,200.00 ฿

[High-performance desktop loupe whose angle can be easily adjusted according to the application] This desktop loupe is ideal for detailed work such as model making, handicrafts, and handicrafts. The main body has three adjustment functions (front and back of the arm, up and down and rotation of the lens), and the position and angle of the lens can be finely adjusted and securely fixed. In addition to the rigid structure, the iron plate is built into the pedestal for a sufficient sense of stability. The included 1.8x lens uses a large-diameter aspherical type with a wide field of view and no distortion. In addition to a bright and easy-to-see multi-layer coating with less reflection and reflection, a scratch-proof hard coat and water-repellent coat are also applied. It also features excellent expandability that can be replaced with an optional lens (sold separately).

[Basic specifications] With

1.8x aspherical multi-coated lens [Optional lens (sold separately)] * Tamiya customer service product ⇒ Click here for details