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74097-Tamiya's Tools-Precision Saw II (for streak carving)

290.00 ฿

[Precision saw for streak carving] Precision saw II (for streak carving) is indispensable for regenerating panel lines that have disappeared due to seam erasing, etc., and for re-engraving concave molds. Compared to precision saw (made by etching). Since the blade is small and finished with a fine pitch suitable for streak carving, the blade edge does not shake easily and fine work can be done easily. The blade is available in a straight shape and an R shape. The grip part has a structure that folds back three times. Ensuring strength. You can use it as it is, or you can work more reliably by attaching it to the modeler's knife (ITEM74040) and modeler's knife PRO (ITEM74098) sold separately.

[Basic specifications] Made of 0.1 mm thick stainless steel etching.