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74066-Tamiya's Tools-Diamond Etching file

300.00 ฿
[Diamond file that is ideal for deburring etched parts] A diamond file that can smoothly scrape off burrs on the cut edge that remains after cutting the etched parts. Diamond particles with a particle size of # 400, which has an excellent balance between cutting force and finish, are strongly fixed by the nickel electrodeposition method. Achieves work speed not found in all-purpose files and sandpaper. It is also characterized by the fact that even if thin stainless steel etched parts are scraped, the file will not get caught and it can be scraped with a light force regardless of the direction of movement. Half-round type that is convenient for cutting small parts and inverted R shapes. The navy blue grip has a non-slip sol coating finish.

[Basic specifications] Diamond particles with particle size # 400 are fixed by the nickel electrodeposition method. Half-round type

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