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74042-Tamiya's Tools-Electric handy leutor

930.00 ฿

A compact, lightweight electric drill assembly kit that is useful for detailed work on plastic models and shaving of woodwork.
★ Assembly is a fitting type that does not use adhesive. ★ High rotation torque type of 7800 rpm, which is ideal for shaving. ★ Easy-to-grip pistol grip type switch with a pull-type trigger type. Improves safety with a trigger guard and switch lock. ★ Comes with a spherical file type bit. A set of 5 bits for a leutor (sold separately) and a commercially available bit with a shaft diameter of 2.4 mm can also be used. ★ With motor ★ Power supply uses 2 AA batteries (sold separately).

-This product is an assembly kit. Please read the assembly instructions carefully before assembling and using. ⇒See the assembly manual (PDF)
・ This product is for plastic / woodworking. Please do not use it for processing metal.
・ Be sure to wear protective goggles when using. Chips may fly.