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95615-TunedUp4WD-Raikiri Clear Body Set

150.00 ฿ 97.50 ฿
[ Improved machine performance with a lightweight polycarbonate body ] Kota Nezu (representative of znug design ), who is active as a car designer , has a smooth 3-box coupe form. A clear body made of polycarbonate that emphasizes driving with the mood-filled style of the actual vehicle. Achieves a weight reduction of 60% or more compared to the standard ABS resin body. It is also highly effective in lowering the center of gravity of the machine, and it is also strong against impacts such as off course. In addition to a clear type sticker, a clear red ABS resin body mount and mount mounting screws are also included. Can be mounted on MA and MS chassis.

[Basic specifications] Lightweight and shock-resistant 0.4 mm thick polycarbonate body and clear type sticker, ABS resin body catch, mounting screw set

[Available chassis] MA, MS (Some chassis are processed body Is required)