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95558-TunedUp4WD-Brake Set (for AR Chassis) (Orange)

120.00 ฿ 78.00 ฿

★The brake set is a must-have item for racers who are aiming at the podium in official contests. The brake sponge comes pre-cut in 5mm widths, and 2 different frictions of sponge are included. ★The brake can be applied to the front or rear of the car, and is compatible with both small- and large-diameter wheels/tires.

Pic#2: The skid-shaped brake stay is firmly fixed to the back of the chassis with screws.
Pic#3: The mounting position of the brake stay can be selected in the front-rear direction, and the height can be adjusted by combining screws and spacers.

Pic#4: Roborace Debot 2.0 (MA chassis) #18656 · MA chassis First Tri-parts · 2 mm aluminum lock nut (five orange) other

Pic# 5: Two types of brake sponges with different strengths are available. You can adjust the braking power according to the course.
Compatible Cars
FM-A*1, Super-II, VZ, MS*1 & AR Chassis cars
*1 Cars fitted with Item 15430 FRP Rear Multi Roller Setting Stay.