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Get Your Brain in Gear!
This assembly kit creates the Variatron, an exciting shaft-driven Mini 4WD racer driven by Bui Tendoh in the Japanese Mini 4WD comic "Future Racer V-Twin." The futuristic body features fenders tapered to a point, side air intakes and the "brain core," a transparent dome depicted by clear parts. Engine nozzles are separate parts, and the 2-piece rear wing can be moved. Stickers are included to recreate markings and the canopy details.

VS Chassis
The VS chassis is a lightweight chassis featuring a short wheelbase. It features the main chassis, rear roller stay, rollers, gear cover and other A parts molded in black. Flat dish wheels are paired with large-diameter tires. Comes with 4:1 speed gear.

[Basic specifications]

● Overall length 145 mm, overall width 90 mm, overall height 39 mm ● Adhesive-free inset type for assembly