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95279-Mini4wd-Astro Boomerang Clear Blue Special (Super-II)

430.00 ฿ 279.50 ฿
[Clear blue body and white chassis are vivid] A plastic model assembly kit for a four-wheel drive racer with high-performance driving and fun racing. Astro Boomerang is a mini 4WD manga published in Shogakukan's grade magazine, "Dash Boy Ten." The main character, Taihei Tenka's machine. Its special specification is Astro Boomerang Clear Blue Special. It features a low silhouette and characteristic forward wings, a rear section cut large for motor cooling, and a wing on the front bumper. The body is mechanical clear blue as the name suggests. The marking sticker is also set with a special clear type. There is also a mini size model with a total length of 48 mm that assembles two parts.

[Super II chassis] Chassis is Super II with enhanced rigidity and expandability. The chassis body is white color, and A parts such as battery holder, rear stay, roller are composed of blue parts. Full of attention equipment such as turn type switch, 2-point fixed type rear stay In addition, the bumper and rear stay have multiple parts mounting holes to support a wide range of settings. The white color large diameter narrow lightweight wheel is equipped with a blue color hard barrel tire. 4.2: 1 speed gear, With motor.

[Basic specifications] ● Overall length 150mm ● Overall width 97mm ● Overall height 39mm ● With motor ● Assembly type that does not require adhesive

[Items to be purchased separately] ● 2 AA batteries