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Messenger of the gods Hermes is the protective god of travellers, traffic, merchants, thieves and oratory. Hermes wears a winged golden wreath, winged shoes and his attribute the golden Hermes staff and is accompanied by two doves.
Hermes is one of the twelve Olympic Gods. He is the patron god of merchants, travellers and traffic as well as the god of thieves, shepherds and gymnastics. As messenger of the gods he conveys the messages of the gods to the people and brings the deceased to the underworld - Hades. With small wings on his shoes, Hermes can even move faster than the light. Many inventions are attributed to the wise messenger of the gods, such as astronomy, the Greek alphabet, the scale, boxing, the lyre and the shepherd's flute. The play set contains the messenger of the gods Hermes with winged wreath, winged shoes, as well as two doves and his attribute de golden Hermes staff.