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95225-Mini4WD-Dash-4 Cannonball Premium (Super-II Chassis)

430.00 ฿

Yes, We Cannon!
This plastic Mini 4WD model assembly kit creates the a premium version of the Dash-4 Cannonball, which was driven by Pankuro in the famous Japanese Mini 4WD cartoon "Dash! Yonkuro". The green long-nosed body is reminiscent of US sports cars, and it also shows off unique, narrow front fenders that almost end up on top of the hood. Four decorative exhaust pipes at the back hint at a highly powerful beast. The model is based upon the tough and adaptable Super-II chassis.

Super-II Chassis
The Super-II chassis offers impressive toughness on a wide frame. Here, it appears in light gun metal color ABS resin and is matched with gun metal holder, rear stay and rollers. The model includes multiple bumper and rear stay attachment holes to allow a range of set-up options. Narrow lightweight wheels are paired with racing slick tires, and the model comes with a 4.2:1 gear and motor.

[Basic specifications]

● Overall length 150 mm, overall width 97 mm, overall height 46 mm ● With motor ● Assembly is a built-in type that does not require adhesive